Boutique Suites Made by Designers, New York

Voted best in design, location, services, and style by our guests!

Traveling should always be in style, no matter your budget. New York City is a unique mix of feelings, colors and beauties and we want you to see that from an authentic NYC lifestyle side, with a luxury twist.

With our suites in two types of rates (Best available and full) located in the best of the West Village, Meatpacking District and Chelsea, we let you get a taste of the city in two different ways, always in style. All the suites are full service with living room, separate bedrooms, fully equipped Kitchen, full bathroom, and come with everything you might need, including our own MySuites handcrafted bath products. With luxury services ‘Made to Order’, such as concierge, driver, Equinox Fitness, spa, maid & laundry service, room service, personal shopper, and private dinners in the suites, your New York experience will be taken to the highest level.

All the suites have  a unique style that sets MySuites apart. We are the original Boutique Suites made by designers, established in 2009.